Unai Arozena

ENG //   Unai Arozena is one of the best photographers that I know, the photography has different fields and Unai is an expert in every single one of them. The Sports photography is one of the most difficult fields because you only have one chance to take the perfect photo.
Unai began step by step in the Motor Sports Photography traveling every week to the Navarra´s Circuit to take pictures to renowned drivers like Oscar Tunjo and Jon Purroy. Unai´s photos started getting published in magazines around the world and finally one of the best spanish Motor web sites, www.extralocity.com contacted him.
Finally Unai Arozena decided to move to Miami, Florida and started to take pictures to Professional fighters and World Champions like Rafael Dos Anjos and Rafael De Lima. Unai is still in our team of artists of GKo and we hope that very soon he can expose his photos again in our country.