Upraising Beasain artist XTRM presents his new work «we are not going to work…» (ez goaz lanera…).

Like many others, he started a few years ago to move his drawings made by pencil and pen to the walls of the street. The curiosity of trying new techniques and the non conformity are his foundations for his current work. Up until a year ago, his work could only be seen in the street, since then he felt into the desire of using canvas. As a consequence of this, he started to draw more, making a constant evolution in his style that is reflected nowadays in his characters. At the same time his work can still be seen in the street, because indoors and outdoors remain complementary.
He is part of the Artefatti group, a group created during his stay in Torino. They met often specially when they paint during exhibitions in Italian territory. He shares also long hours with artist «Imanolone».